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Monday, 17 June 2013

Fashionable bags and Purses trends and types

Fashionable bags and Purses trends and types

The clutch:

This is a small hand bag that is carried by hand or put under the arms. This bag is very elegant it is mostly in fashion you take it for a party in hands it increase grace many times bridles carry these kind of bags on the second or third days of there weddings
These kind of bags are now used by college and university girls to carry money separately in there hand bags   

Satchel bag:

This bag is mostly used for office it gives professional look it's also known as postman bag. You can use this kind of bags for office because it provides professional grace  

The hobo bag:

Hobo bags are bags which have semi circular shape made of soft cloth and has medium shoulder strip. This is relaxed kind of bag that helps you look stylish. These bags can be used with kurtas and sandals it is suitable for picnic

Hand bag:

Hand bags are mostly choice of every person there are many styles and verities of these bags are available in market without these bags girls defiantly feel incomplete these bags are shoulder bags. These bags go best with formals. They are second most used bags after clutch.

The tote bag:

Tote bag is an open top bag that regularly has handles or soft belt. These bags are big in size so these bags are excellent for shopping. These bags are used when buying small items it reduces the need of plastic bags. When you are going for shopping you can easily carry goods in it like vegetables, fruits, cloths or magazines

Laptop Tote:

This bag helps to take laptop and other things which you take in your shoulder bag this work as laptop and shoulder bag together. This bag is a tote mostly made of leather.

The baguette:

The baguette is medium-size bag look like hand bag but it has small thin belt so that it can be wear by your shoulder and it is just under arm. A baguette bag suits mostly with jeans and shirts

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