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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Homemade face packs for glowing skin

Homemade face packs for glowing skin

Homemade face packs are prepared from natural ingredients which are available easily at home.
Homemade face packs for glowing skin
These face packs help to get glowing and fairer skin naturally at home. The best part or things of these face packs or masks are that they have no side effects for skin. Human skin is very sensitive and chemical can harm it easily while natural product has natural vitamins, acids and other properties which make skin lighter and softer with glowing effects.
Here I am sharing some homemade face packs for glowing and fair skin naturally.

Cucumber and lemon face pack for glowing

Cucumber has skin lightening effects naturally it makes skin clearer. Cucumber also helps to cure sunburn naturally while lemon juice lighten skin colour and very beneficial for oily skin when these both cucumber and lemon juices are applied on skin they actually work for skin lightening and make it glowing and fairer
Lemon juice                        1 tbsp
Cucumber juice                  1 tbsp
Turmeric powder                1 pinch
Glycerine                            ½ tbsp (optional: - use only if you have dry skin)
Cucumber face pack for glowing skinMix all ingredients well and apply on face with the help of cotton ball wait for 15-20 minutes then wash you face with water you can use this face pack thrice a week.
You can also use it daily but if you are using daily then apply on skin for 10 minutes if you have sensitive skin the don’t use daily because lemon juice can break your sensitive skin

Banana face pack for glowing skin

Banana is very good for getting fair and glowing skin naturally here is banana face pack recipe
Yogurt                                            2 tbsp
Egg white                           1 egg
Banana                                           1
Mix all ingredients well make paste apply on face and hands for fifteen to twenty minutes and wash after it with cold water. You will get glowing skin instantly

Papaya face pack for glowing facial skin

Papaya is very good for skin it helps to fight against aging and wrinkles make skin glowing and younger looking when papaya is mixed with banana these both have magical effects on skin. Here is papaya face pack recipe for you
Papaya face pack for glowing skinIngredients
Papaya (rip)                       2 tbsp
Banana       (rip)                 1
Mix both and make paste apply on skin for thirty minutes it will make skin radiant glowing and younger. This is one of best mask which help to get glowing skin and makes your skin younger and brighten your complexion.

Gram flour (Besan) face pack for glowing fairer skin

Gram flour or besan face pack is used from years to get glowing fair skin naturally here is recipe of gram flour or besan face pack
Lemon juice                                    1 tbsp
Gram flour (besan)                          1 tbsp
Turmeric powder                            1 pinch
Rose water                                     few drops for making paste
Add all ingredients in a jar mix well apply on skin. Wait until mask dry out then wash your skin with cold water. This mask will not only make skin glowing and fairer naturally but also make facial skin smoother and silky

Olive oil and clay face pack

Here is very beneficial olive oil and clay face pack for skin lightening and glowing skin.
Olive oil                              1 tbsp
White clay                         2 tbsp
Milk powder                                  1 tbsp
Mix all ingredients well and apply on skin for 20 minutes wash with rose water this face pack will make your skin light helps in fighting acne problems and tighten skin pores

Saffron face pack for glowing skin

Saffron is very famous for its qualities and best for skin whitening
Saffron                                          1 tbsp
Pure honey                                    1 tbsp
Milk                                               2 tbsp
Soak saffron in milk for minimum six to eight hours or for full night then add honey in it make paste apply on skin for half hour and wash your skin after it. This is very good mask for getting fair and glowing skin

Orange peel off face pack

Orange peels                      1 tbsp
Curd                                 1 tbsp
Milk                                   1 tbsp
Mix all ingredients and make paste by grinding them apply on face for twenty minutes then wash it off
Avocado face pack for glowing faceHere are some other face packs for glowing skin check links:-papaya face pack for glowing skin

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