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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sabja (sweet basil) seeds health benefits uses

Sabja (sweet basil) seeds health benefits uses

Sabja seeds or Sweet Basil which is know as Ocimum basilicum in English are eatable seeds which become jelly like when these are soaked in water. sabja seeds are also known as tukmaria seeds, falooda seeds (tukh malanga seeds) and sweet basil seeds. Sabja seeds or Tukmaria seeds contains sufficient amount of minerals like iron, calcium, manganese which aids metabolism. These seeds are very popular in Asian desserts and drinks specially India, Thailand and Pakistan. These seeds are resemble to chia seeds sabja seeds have cooling properties and therefore very good for summer drinks. Ocimum basilicum or sweet basil is an attractive and ornamental plant in United States. Sweet basil has flowers and purple stem. Rich aroma is also one of basil’s characteristics.
sabja seeds benefits

Uses of sabja seeds

Basil is used is foods commonly Thai Basil Varity (Siam queen) is used in cooking. When Sabja seeds or tukmaria seeds are soaked in water jelly like structure become over seeds which makes drinks and desserts tasty and these seeds are also added to juices, sharbat, lemonades, jelly, cold milk desserts and other bakery stuff. Gums or Polysaccharides of the sabja seeds or tukmaria seeds are very much useful food processing industry.
There are many health benefits of sabja seeds (basil), tukmaria or tukh malanga. here I am sharing few very important benefits of malanga seeds

Health benefits of (basil), tukmaria or tukh malanga

Sabja seeds aid digestion system:

sabja seeds are source of carbohydrates. Tukmaria seeds aid digestion system and increases health of dietary fibres. Sabja or tukmaria seeds are used to cure irregular movements of bowels these seeds not only treat irritable bowels but also treat upset stomach. Tukmaria seeds help in getting relief from regular constipation. tuk malanga drinks cures digestive system.
Basil or Sabja seeds are also used for treating indigestion such as constipation, flatulence, stomach cramps, irritable bowel and digestive disorders.

Tukmaria or basil seeds for skin infection:

Sabja or tukmaria seeds have anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which attribute basil oil is used to treat infections, wounds, cuts and inflammation. to treat skin problems. here is basil tonic recipe for skin care.
Tonic for skin recipe: just add powder or crushed Basil seeds into coconut oil and used it for treating skin cuts, bladder infection, wounds and other skin infections.

Sweet Basil seeds oil acts as insect repellent:

Basil oil is very good insect repellent. It is used to avoid insect in storage.
basil seeds benefits for skin

Tukmaria seeds for relieving stress:

Tukmaria seeds are used to reduce stress. These seeds have omega-3 fatty acid which’s alpha linolenic acid reduce stress and adjusts immune functions. Tukmaria seeds are beneficial for curing mental fatigue, depression, nervous tension and migraine. These seeds makes mind stronger and healthier. Tukmaria are mostly used in aromatherapy. sabja seeds increase memory and brain growth.

Sabja seeds as healthy food:

Sabja seeds are good for mind, bone growth, urinary system issues and cardiac or heart problems. these seeds helps to get benefits of Vitamin K.

Sweet Basil seeds for urinary system infection:

Basil seeds are very effective for curing bladder infection just mix a teaspoon of basil seeds in water add some honey. This is very useful recipe for curing urinary infections and diseases.

Tukmaria seeds for cholesterol:

Tukmaria seeds helps in cholesterol prevention because basil seeds contains high amount of digestive fibers .

Sabja seeds for cooling heartburns:

Basil seeds are very useful for heartburn curing .Tuk-malanga seeds drinks are used for cooling heartburn and acidity. This drink hydrates stomach and relieves symptoms of gastro-esphageal reflex disorder (GERD) and heart burn.

Sabja seeds for cold and respiratory disorder:

Falooda or basil seeds are helpful in curing cold, fever, cough and influenza. These seeds are part of many herbal products and cough syrups. Sabja seeds treats respiratory disorder just mix honey, ginger and warm water for treatment of respiratory system.

Tukmaria for diabetes:

these seeds regulate blood sugar level in few cases because these seeds slow down carbohydrate metabolism but there are no evidence available.

Sabja seeds for losing weight:

Basil seed or sabja seeds drink helps losing weight. These seeds keep stomach hydrated and delays carbohydrate metabolism. These seeds keep stomach filled.

Sweet Basil seeds for women issues:

In maternity case basil seeds (soaked in cold one glass water with tsp of honey) are given to women for reliving childbirth pain

Side effects of sabja seeds

Enlarged or swollen seeds of sabja or basil may cause choking or clump in children. Hence children should be supervised by adults to avoid any risk. Consumption should be in presence of adult and thick clump should be avoided.

Common names of sabja seeds or Basil seeds

Indian names: sabzah, sabja(Hindi)
Punjabi name: Baburi
Kashmeri name: Hazbo
Pakistani or urdu name: tukh malanga
French name: Basilic Cultive,
German name: Basilien Kraut
Indonesian or Malaysian Name: selasih or hột é (Vietnamese)
Oriya and Bengali name: tulsi
Malayalam name: Tirunitru
Sindhi name: Sabajhi
Telugu name: sabja vittanālu
Tamil name: Tirunutpatchi, kala pingain, ramtulsi, Kamkasturi
Other names: Manjarika, Bisya, tulsi, vebudipatri(telegu), Karandai, Dala, tukhmaria, tukmaria

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