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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Apple face pack for glowing Rosy face

Apple Face Pack for Rosy Glowing Face
This is very valuable face pack which helps you to get glowing rosy skin naturally. This face pack or mask will make your skin glowing, rosy reddish, youthful and flawless
Apple                           1
Honey                          2 tbsp
2 Almond oil                 drops (don’t use if you have oily skin)
Take fresh apples, make a paste of apples then add two drops of almond oil and 2 tbsp honey apply this face pack on skin for 30 minutes let it to be set.
Now wash your skin with water you can use this mask daily if you have dry or normal skin and twice a week if you have oily skin. Apples make skin rosy, reddish and glowing .honey is very good for flawless skin it reduces acne spots dark circles and marks where as almonds oil provides you youthful younger looking skin almond oil reduces skin wrinkles so what are you waiting for lets try it.

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