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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Neera-Palm Nectar as Body Cooling Drink Health Benefits

Neera-Palm Nectar as Body Cooling Drink Health Benefits

Neera Cooling Drink
Have you ever tried The Neera (Palm nectar, sweet and translucent drink) which has many health benefits? The drink is natural body coolant mostly used in countries like India, Sri-lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia. 

This is one of the non-alcoholic drinks produced by tapping coconut palm, palmyra palm or other palms. It has high nutritional value. A cut is made on the covers of these palms and the liquid that comes out is collected in earthenware pots overnight.

After Neera is collected, it is filtered in order to remove extra particles. Then it is pasteurized, chilled and stored at cool temperatures. The drink is it is very susceptible to fermentation within a few hours of extraction therefore extraction of drink is usually done before sunrise. Neera is also used to make several products such as sweeteners, jaggery, concentrated syrup etc. The shelf life of Neera drink at room temperature is nearly months while it can be stored for about 4 to 6 months.

Health Benefits of Neera Drink

  • The Neera drink is very useful for curing liver diseases. It is particularly helpful in treating liver diseases following consumption of alcohol. The medical property of Neera to remove “acetaldehyde” (the toxic metabolic product of ethanol causing liver damage)
  • Neera keeps your body hydrated while the nutrients in it nourishes your body and boosts the activity of liver functioning.
  • It is used for diabetic patients sweetening products gives the same sweetness without causing spikes in blood sugar level compared to the traditional sweetening agents.
  • It is also helpful in preventing many diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even cancers of the breast, colon, pancreas and prostate.
  • It is also helpful for treating medical conditions like tuberculosis, urinary tract infections and asthma. The drink keeps you energetic and refreshed.
  • The drink is excellent for curing kidney stones as wells as urinary problems.
  • Neera drink reduces high cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Neera is a good skin and hair it has antioxidant properties and therefore exhibits anti-aging properties.
  • It is anti oxidant, detoxifying health drink which treats iron and zinc deficiency and cures anaemias
  • Neera is rich source of glutamic acid, which is an amino acid used by your body to build proteins. This amino acid is one of the most common neuro transmitters in the nervous system.
  • The drink boosts immune system and helps your body fight against various diseases.
  • It lowers the blood pressure as it is source of potassium
  • It is high in inositol, a naturally occurring nutrient, which is essential for hair growth and it also helps prevents hair fall and baldness to a great extent.
  • The drink is beneficial for treating eczema, eye abnormalities, etc. It is also associated with the regulation of enzyme activity, nerve transmission, and transportation of fats within the body. 
Nutritional value of Neera

Nutritional value of Neera

Neera is rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other minerals.  It has also important vitamins e.g. Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A and Vitamin C(ascorbic acid). About 100 ml of Neera provides 75 calories of energy and 250 mg of proteins. 

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