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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Is Psyllium husk or isabgol safe during pregnancy

Is Psyllium husk or isabgol safe during pregnancy

is isabgol safe during pregnancy?
Isabgol has a lot of health benefits but still many people are afraid of taking it during pregnancy. Using isabgol during pregnancy is considered safe if used properly. Taking Psyllium husk or isabgol for treating constipation is common in India-Pakistan while constipation during pregnancy has been noted in half of all pregnant women and various women suffer from constipation at some stage in their pregnancy. A number of women face this issue in the entire pregnancy. 

There are many reasons of  constipation occurs in pregnancy which includes hormonal causes, lack of activity,  lack of  nutrition and fluids, lack of iron and zinc or pressure by uterus etc.  The condition usually starts in the 1st trimester of pregnancy which relieved during second trimester and again during 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

isabgol for constipation during pregnancy
Psyllium husk is generally known as Isabgol in Pakistan and India. Isabgol is skin or husk of Plantago ovato plants seeds. Isabgol is natural laxative presented and could be safely drink in pregnancy. 

Isabgol is mostly used with water and become mucilaginous as psyllium husk swells and expands in water.

The husk or Isabgol is good source of herbal fibre which passes through the intestines and treats constipation.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Health benefits of Phalsa, Falsa sharbat , Grewia Asiatica fruit

Health benefits of Phalsa, Falsa sharbat , Grewia Asiatica fruit

Health benefits of Phalsa, Falsa
Grewia asiatica fruit is known as Phalsa or Falsa in Urdu and Hindi. Phalsa has lots of benefits and nutrition value. The fruit is commonly grown in Pakistan, India and Asian countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand. It is one of local cooling fruit in Asian countries, famous for cooling effects as well as for various other health benefits. The fruit has antioxidant properties, good source of vitamin c ,fibre calcium, sodium  and phosphorus. The fruit protects from sun radiations. Falsa could be eaten raw or sprinkling some salt and black pepper on the fruit. Phalsa juice is also very tasteful and People n nlove to drink sharbat phalsa or falsa. Indian people also love Phalsa kulfi to beat summer heat and sunstroke.

Phalsa berries are  small reddish purple fruit with seed insides it and has sour and sweet taste .All part of falsa tree are usable .The Phalsa grows during the peak summer months of May and June  yearly .

Health Benefits of Phalsa or Falsa

  •         Fresh fruit relieve heat burn, burning sensation in eyes and throat disorders, stomach aches and digestive disorder.
  •           It helps to fight against cancer and sun radiation.
  •            Falsa is blood purifier and very good to treating respiratory inflammation, fever, heart diseases, blood pressure and heart beat is good for skin problems acne and skin blemish.
  •           Drinking Sharbat e phalsa is beneficial for curing Sour throat, asthma, Headache, Vomiting & Nausea, and heartburn.
  •         Phalsa is also used for Flatulence and for curing women problems like leucorrhea. 

Recipe of Phalsa Juice or Sharbat :

sharbat e phalsa benefits

Phalse                                                   250 grams (1 ½ cups)
Water                                                   ½  litre
Sugar                                                     50 grams
Ground cumin seeds                             a pinch
Black salt                                              ½ tsp or to taste
Lemon juice                                       ½ lemon small

Preparation of Sharbat e Phalsa

First of all wash Phalse and soak them in water. Leave it for 15 minutes and grind it after grinding strain with strainer and remove seeds from juice. Add ground cumin powder, sugar and black salt and to the mixture. Mix ice in the Phalsa juice and juice is ready adding few drops of lemon juice and serve chilled drink.

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