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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Use onion juice for hairs Growth,hair loss, Baldness

Use onion juice for hairs

Use onion juice for getting long, strong and healthy hairs. Do you know how to use onions for hair growth, how onion juice helps in getting rid of baldness and pre-mature grey hairs? Does onion really increase hair growth and makes hairs long in speedy and fast? Does onion reduce alopecia infections?
onion juice for hairThe answer is yes, onion work for hairs problems onion is good source of sulfur which make hair strong and healthy from roots, sulphur increase blood circulation. onion work for hair growth it makes women hairs long and cure baldness problems of male faster then another home remedy visible results are shown in three weeks if you are using for hair loss then use more then two times a week for better results. 
More then 70 percent of people going through hair problems (alopecia) find onion best. in old time people says heat oil and massage your head so it open your pores then apply onion juice on head this will increase hair re-growth process. Onion juice has number of benefits for hairs and there are many way of using onion juice for getting long and strong hairs here are some recipes of using onion juice to cure hair problems like baldness, hair loss in patches and grey hairs.

Onion juice for hairs growth:-

You can directly apply onion juice on hairs for this just take few onion and get their juice with the help of food processor. Be careful use onion juice for hairs not onion pieces because you want to get benefits of onion not side effects. You can use onion juice twice a week it will not only helps you in getting healthy, strong and long hairs but also reduce hair fall.

Onion juice and honey mask for hairs:-

onion for hair growthOnion juice mask is very good for hairs specially getting long and healthy hairs faster. Here is Onion juice mask recipe
Onion juice                               3 tbsp
Honey                                      1 tbsp
Mix both ingredients well and massage your hair wash hairs after one hour with regular normal water. Be careful don’t use hot water for hair wash because hot water damaged hairs and make them dry and frizzy

Onion juice shampoo:-

Just take good shampoo mix onion juice and wash your hair with this shampoo this will increase hair growth and make shinning hairs. Test onion juice little in start if you have sensitive skin otherwise there are no side effects of onion juice. it does not means that if you are using onion no hair will fall defiantly you cannot stop hair fall completely but it will reduce hair fall and increase hair growth


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