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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tips for reducing chubby cheeks

Tips for reducing chubby cheeks 

You can loose cheeks fat and double chin chewing bubble gum it helps for exercise facial muscles and reduce chubby cheeks. You can do many facial exercises to loose cheeks fat and double chins.
Balloon exercise to reduce chubby cheeks
For this exercise you require balloon so you can blow up
with your mouth. Simply blow the balloon up using as many breaths as it takes you can full balloon with air usually in 8 breaths and after it let the air out. Now take a half minute break. Repeat this process five to eight times daily. This exercise makes stronger the cheek muscles and will help to reduce chubby cheeks
You can reduce cheeks fate by filling air in mouth it helps to strengthen cheek muscles. Start this exercise by holding the air in your cheeks while keeping your lips tightly close. Hold the air for just about four seconds before releasing your breath. You can try taking another deep breath, now this time move the air from your left cheek to your right cheek and right to left again. Repeat this activity numerous times before releasing the breath. Repeat this exercise almost ten times per session.
Don’t follow these exercises if you are patient of asthma. Then you can reduce your cheeks fate by chewing gum.

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  1. Surgeons often recommend fat removal via a cheek reduction along with reducing the zygomatic bone. The surgery can make female Asian faces appear more petite and feminine. For men, it can correct asymmetry and facial harmony.



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