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Monday, 8 July 2013

Tips for applying foundation

Tips for applying foundation
There are number of companies foundations are available in markets choosing right foundation is very important for good look when you apply Foundation on dry skin its sits like dust which makes you clown-like look. So, don’t forget to plump your dull skin with a light moisturizing cream or serum or gel based moisturizer as it will avoid artificial sheen on your dry skin surface.
Avoid blending foundation generously since apply limit quantity. Begin with a small drop and spill it on your face evenly. Extra swipe of foundation will make you look pale like a patient or will make artificial look.
Foundation like resemblance of your skin tone is great choice. Never go to buy such tone of foundation that does not complement your skin complexion. Choose it closest to your tone.
Do not choose light foundation for you because Foundation of lighter tone will crash your appeal like the worst disaster. Be comfortable in your own tone since you can make your skin great by caring and admiring your true beauty.

Apply foundation on every exposing part of your skin all parts should have similar blend of foundation.

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