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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How to do a perm yourself at home

Hair Perming at home 

What is Hair perming 

Permanent wave is known as a perm, is a chemical hair treatment that can be used to straighten or add curl and body to your hair. Every perm has two parts: the physical wrapping of the hair into shapes and a chemical bath that breaks and then reforms the disulphide bonds of your hair.

how to do a perm yourself at home

Things required:

Butter papper
Spunch bowl
Perming lotion
Perming pins (rods)
Hair dryer
Section pins
Tail comb


First of all make sections of hair, divide them into 4 or 6 parts.Apply a little lotion on hair with a spunch but before the application put Perming lotion into a plastic bowl(non metallic) starting from the back hair or back side of the neck in order to prevent the hair from breaking,preming lotion may damage hair scalp so do not apply preming lotion with in the first half cm from scalp.
Now take some hair, apply perming lotion with a spunch then use soft strokes with comb , take thin layer  use perming pins (rods) and butter paper and roll up hair, start with ends of hair, cover the roller with hair. When you have finished applications on the last strand of hair in front of  head, leave to develop for 4 minutes. When desired time has been obtained ranise hair thoroughly.
use regular water to wash hair do not use hot water wash only with simple water. Remove all lotion with water. After that dry hair with a towel and after that dry hair with a hair dry. Do not use additional heat and do not comb and do not open perming pins. When you feel roller are dry, apply next bottle nautle leiquied with its nozle. When you have finished application, leave to develop it for 20 to 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, wash hair with roller. Do not open roller, use towel and hair dryer. When you look your hair are dry, you can open perming pins but one by one and open it in a round circle shaped. After that do not wash, shampo and comb hair just for 24 hour.

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