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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Daily Skin Care for bumpy and uneven skin tones

Daily Skin Care for bumpy and uneven skin tones  

Rose Water
Rose water is natural toner it will help to open skin pores and remove impurities apply it daily before going to bed
Pure Honey  
Application of honey on skin may also very good for skin it helps to remove dark spot and uneven skin.
Oatmeal Mask
Mix finely ground oatmeal with honey and use it on your skin for best results.
Lemon juice
Apply lemon juice on the skin. You can apply it all over your face and leave it for a while. It will make your skin tone good and dark spot free
Curd and turmeric mask
You can avoid uneven skin by applying a mixture of turmeric and yogurt on the skin Baking soda scrub
Take a pinch of baking soda mix it with drop of water rub it on skin for 1 minutes then wash your face with little warm water
Flaxseeds oil for skin
Use flaxseed oils on skin theses are good moisturizers. These oils are helpful for treating dry cracked red skin.
Tomato paste
Tomato's pulp massage can help in removing uneven skin it also reduces sunburn
Potatoes and cucumber
Applying potato or cucumber slices to your skin and leaving them on for about 10 minutes will hydrate and detoxify skin.
Apple cider vinegar

Use organic apple cider vinegar for best results it has many minerals which helps to treat uneven skin tone

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