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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What is Skin Mole and How to Get Rid from Skin Moles

What is Mole and How to Get Rid from Moles

Mole is a small dark black or brown colored group of pigmented cells. Some people think that moles increase their facial beauty and some people thinks that these are looking ugly. If there are many moles no one will like them here are some useful tips for removing moles.

Pure Honey Application:-

Honey is also well thought-out to remove moles. At morning time apply honey on moles and leave it. After a few days you will notice that moles are no more on your face.

Baking Soda paste:-

Take a pinch of baking soda and castor oil and mixed it. Apply this paste onto moles in night. Repeat regularly at least for month or until moles remove. Baking soda is very effective to remove moles.

Apple Cider Vinegar:-

There is simple remedy to remove moles is to apply apple cider vinegar on moles with cotton padding thrice or twice a day. Practice it continuously for four weeks. You will see slowly moles will die.

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