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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Get rid of neck Blackness-darkness- darker neck

Get rid of neck Blackness, darkness and darker neck

If you are worried from blackness and darkness or pigmentation of your neck skin then here are home based remedies for avoiding blackness and darkness of neck.
Firstly understand why neck become darker and black then face it mostly happened in summer or warm season because our neck has number of folds dirt and dust deposits on them easily. Sun exposure, eczema and hormonal imbalance are some other cause of black neck pigmentation and darkness of neck. Neck skin become more black and darker in summer because of sweating we wash our face daily but what about neck?
Here are some tips to remove and avoid darkness of neck

  1. Almonds for darker neck

how to get rid of blackness of neckAlmonds are very good for skin nourishing. Here is almond mask for dark patches of neck this mask will help you a lot in fighting skin blackness and darkness
Almond paste                           1 tbsp
Milk powder                            1 tbsp
                                               Honey                                      1 tbsp
Mix all ingredients well and apply on the neck for half hour or 45 minutes then wash it apply this daily for better results.

  1. Hot oil treatment for reducing blackness

Take almond oil and make it little warm massage on neck for 10 minutes and leave it this will increase blood circulation .You can do this massage thrice a week.

  1. Almond milk paste for dark patches of skin

Soak 5 almonds in milk over night make thick paste in morning and massage on neck skin for 10 minutes apply daily for instant results
    home remedies for blackness of neck

  1. Cucumber juice to reduce blackness on neck

Apply cucumber juice on neck wash it after 30 minutes. It will also remove and repair dead skin cells. You can also apply cucumber and lemon juice mixture for better and fast results

  1. Aloe Vera mask for removing blackness of neck

neck care remedies
Aloe Vera is very beneficial for dark spot reduction it repair skin cells. what you need is just take aloe Vera leaf and apply fresh aloe Vera gel on neck massage daily for results you will see visible results in week
    home remedies for dark neck

  1. Oats mask honey for dark neck

Mix coarsely ground oats with honey and make paste apply on skin massage for 20 minutes wash after an hour it is very good skin exfoliator and removes all dead cells and reduce blackness of neck skin. You can apply daily for fast blackness removing

  1. Tomato oat mask for darker neck

Mix 2 tbsp ground oats with 1 tbsp of tomato puree and make thick paste apply on neck wash after hour this will smoother your neck skin

  1. Lemon juice to cure darker neck

Apply lemon juice on skin and wash after 20 minutes with water if you have sensitive skin then add rose water with lime juice in fifty fifty ratio and apply on skin

  1. Walnut yogurt scrub for black neck lines

how to cure black neck
This scrub will help you to avoid darkness of neck walnuts contains vitamins and zinc which nourishes skin

Mix 2 coarsely ground walnuts with 1 tbsp of yogurt and applies on neck massage and wash you neck after 20 minutes with water

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