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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Badam pisin (Almond gum) Cooling Milk drink

Badam pisin (Almond gum) Cooling Milk drink

In this summer try very tasty and healthy cooling drink of badam pisin or almond gum Badam pisin(Almond gum) is very famous in India Pakistan and eastern countries because of its matchless cooling and health properties
Here is recipe of Badam pisin(Almond gum)

Badam pisin(Almond gum) Recipe:-


Badam pisin/Almond Gum                    5g
Milk                                                     250 ml
Cardamom powder                              a pinch
Sweet sliced Almonds                              4
Water                                                   150 ml
Sugar                                                   as desired or as per taste


badam pisinGet Badam pisin or Almond gum ( Badaam gum) and divide Badam pisin in small pieces. Soak Badam pisin (Almond gum-Badaam gum) in water for full night. In large mixing bowl soak Badam pisin or Almond gum because it increases in volume.
Badam pisin will become jelly like it in morning or nearly become like crushed ice. Now remove water and wash little inflexible jelly badam pisin three times.
Boil milk on low heat with sugar and cardamom until milk remain half in level. Cool it in refrigerator then add washed Badam pisin (Almond gum) garnish with almonds pieces. almond gum or badam pisin has cooling effects and health benefits on the other side badam pisin is very tasty drink. 

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