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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Homemade purifying ayurvedic face mask for skin

Homemade purifying ayurvedic face mask for skin

Here I am going to share face mask which hydrates and purify skin naturally. this ayurvedic mask will prevent acne and skin redness and you can get rid of red skin this face mask will not only hydrate and purify our skin but also makes skin glowing smooth and shiny. its ingredients specially triphala herbal powder work amazingly for skin.
Triphala                                    ½ tsp                click here for triphala herb recipe
Turmeric                                   ½ tsp
Dry Rose petals                        1 tsp
Unrefined honey                       1 tsp
Nutmeg powder                       1 tsp
Recipe and directions:
Mix all ingredients well and make creamy paste then apply on clean skin for ten minutes. After ten minutes wash your face with warm water and after removing this mask you will feel redness on skin this is sign of blood circulation and removing of dead skin cells and skin allergies. Apply skin moisturizer on your face for this redness this redness will only remain for fifteen minutes maximum and you will find glowing clear and smooth facial skin naturally.
Benefits of ayurvedic face mask
There are number of benefits of applying aryuvedic face mask. Each ingredient has its natural herbal properties.
Triphala is an herb is very beneficial for skin it cures skin diseases. Triphala powder is excellent skin cleanser. You can get it from any ayrurvedic shop and can make it at home with herbs you can also find triphala recipe on this link
Turmeric has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties turmeric powder reduce facial pigmentation and tones skin naturally. Turmeric is best anti-oxidant and treats skin rashes and inflammation.
Dry Rose Petals:-
Rose petals in this masks calms skin and works as exfoliator
Unrefined Honey:-
Honey has anti-microbial properties and anti-bacterial which helps to fight against blemished skin it also reduces skin marks.
Nutmeg powder:-
Nutmeg powder is ideal skin calming and for skin irritation, skin sensitivity, eczema or acne prone skin. When nutmeg is used with triphala natural herbs it works excellent for treatment of acne inflammation and eczema.
Side effects of ayurvedic mask
There are no side effects of this mask all ingredients are natural and good for skin I already mention some properties and benefits of these ingredients but if you have extra sensitive skin then you will feel little redness on skin but it remain only for few minutes and its because mask removes dead skin cells and increase blood circulation in skin which is good for skin you can remove this redness by applying face moisturizers
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