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Monday, 23 June 2014

Sattu benefits and its summer drink recipe

Sattu benefits and sattu drink recipe

There are many benefits of drinking sattu. this is traditional Pakistani and Indian energy drink, which very good for summer season it keeps body energize, healthy, refresh, fit & fine. This is healthy inexpensive, natural protein drink which is very beneficial for all age group people. 

Health Benefits of sattu 

Benefits for skin

Sattu helps in getting fresh and glowing skin. They refresh skin and its drink hydrate skin.

Sattu as cooling agent

Sattu benefitsSattu drink is very good for treating heart burn and cools body temperature therefore it’s mostly used in hot season. This drink saves from warmness of heat wave during hot season.  Its sharbat or drink keeps stomach cool and healthy 

Treats low blood pressure

Sattu are natural energizer and helps regulating low blood pressure .They can drink Sattu mixed with salt, water, & Lemon. 

Improves digestive system

Sattu resolve offensive stomach disorder and improves digestive system healthy.
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Used for acidity

Regular use of Sattu is helps in keeping us healthy and fine and cures gas and acidity problem naturally.

Benefits for girls and women

This drink provides proper nutrition to women and keeps them healthy in regular routines. By drinking or eating sattu daily girls can get perfect body shape.

Improves stamina

Regular Consumption of Sattu helps you to improves stamina and keep you energetic. This drink is energy booster in all age group especially middle age group.

Sattu as healthy drink

Sattu is a balanced wholesome diet it is source of energy. It keeps them fresh and energized It helps young people to live healthy challenging life. 

Used for old age people

Regular use of its powder by senior persons is another benefit. They improve senior citizens digestive abilities.

For diabetes

Sattu are helpful in diabetic situation. Regular use is advised for getting energy. You can drink sattu’s water or in Roti sattu or Barley (Jow) Atta.

Sattu as cleaner

It keeps refreshed whole day. Sattu sharbat or drink maintains stomach clean and strong.

Treats constipation

This drink helps in avoiding constipation

Benefits for children 

Sattu is very good diet for growing kids. It provides sufficient nutrition to growing needs to children beyond the age of 10 years. Just take one glass water 3 tbsp sattu and 2 tbsp sugar mix well make drink and consume it daily.

Sattu sharbat (drink) recipe

Sattu                            3 tsp
Brown Sugar                3 tsp
Water                           1 glass

Sattu drink recipe
Dissolve sugar in water then add sattu powder mix well add ice and serve chill. 

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