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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Benefits of ajwain or ajowan (carom) seeds

Benefits of ajwain or ajowan (carom) seeds

Ajwain has many health benefits for skin, hairs, kidney issues, pimples and acne and digestive system etc. its seed oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Ajwain or carom seeds are important part of Indian and Pakistani kitchen. Carom seeds are also known as ajowan or Ajwain and Bishop’s weed. These seeds are called omam in the southern India. It is also used for medical purposes like digestive problems it also cures gastro-intestinal problems. Ajowan can be eaten raw but it has strong smell of thymol. Its seeds have resemblances to lovagc seeds these are brown in colour.

Ajwain seeds uses

Ajowan seeds are used in food as ingredient which aids in making food digestive, tasty and delicious. Ajwain seeds have pungent flavour.
carom seeds benefits
Mixture of funnel seeds and carom seeds in eaten by many people in India Pakistan for digestion. Ajowan seeds are supposed to discover from West Asia, from where carom seeds are spread throughout Asia and Europe. Ancient time Chinese, Greeks, Romans and ayurved has used ajwain for treatment of different diseases and disorders because of its medical properties.

Benefits of Ajwain

There are many benefits of using ajwain or carom seeds. Carom seeds treat digestive disorder and reduce flatulence. It has thymol essential oil in it. ajowan seeds has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which makes its suitable for weight losing , curing acne, cholera it also prevents kidney disorder. These are some health benefits of using carom seeds.

  1. Helps in weight loss:

These seeds helps in reducing weight just soak 2 tbsp these seeds in half glass water in night drink it in morning empty stomach or just eat 1 tbsp of ajwain in every morning it will reduce weight defiantly. This will liquefy and burn fats.

  1. Treatment of Greying of Hair:

Carom seeds help in curing premature grey hair you can eat it mixture with grapes, curry leaves and sugar to stop hair whitening
Dry grapes                     2
Carom seeds                  1 pinch
Curry leaves                   3
Sugar                            to taste
Add all ingredients in one cup of water and cook. Drink 1 glass a day. This will stop greyish of hair.

  1. Ajwain for Acidity:

Ajwain or Carmon seeds are used to cure indigestion and acidity for this just mix one teaspoon of cumin seeds with 1 teaspoon of carom seed and a pinch of ginger powder. Eat this mixture daily it will treat acidity, reflux problem and indigestion issues. There are no side effects of ajowan (Carmon seeds)

  1. Oral and mouth care with ajwain:

Carom seeds are used to cure tooth pain. Oil of Ajwain is also used in many toothpastes and various mouth wash. ajwain seeds extracts and oil helps in fighting oral bacterial and bad breath. Mix it with equal parts of clove oil and water, it is used as homemade solution to floss mouth and treat tooth ache. It also cures bad breathing and tooth decay. Chewing carom seeds with fennel seeds is good way of keeping mouth fresh breathing.

  1. Carmon seeds for Constipation:

Carom seeds are used for getting rid of constipation because it treats all digestive issues.

    ajwain seeds benefits
  1. Pimples, Eczema & Boils:

Ajwain paste is used for getting rid of acne, pimples, boils and eczema. Grind Carom seeds with little warm water to make its paste. You can apply this paste on affected area of the face or body and wash it with the ajwain water for greatest results. In case of inflammation and swelling due to pimples and boils apply paste of carom seeds powder with lemon juice. This will help in removing pimples swelling.
You can apply mixture of ajwain powder with honey on acne area for treatment of acne and pimples.

  1. Kidney stone and kidney disorder:

Carom seeds are very useful for treatment of kidney stones and kidney disorder. Ajowan oil is also used to reduce the kidney disorders pain.

  1. Ajwain for cold:

Ajowan seed is the best natural remedy for treatment of cold indications such as a clogged nose. For getting relief just take steam from carom seeds boiled in hot water.

  1. Liver disorder:

Ajwain herb is very advantageous for treatment of liver malfunctions and disorder.

  1. Asthma and respiratory disorders:

These seeds help in treatment of respiratory disorder, asthma and bronchitis. Taking carom seeds with warm water give instant relief from expel cough, cold and mucus from the body. You can be consumed carom seeds with jaggery daily. you can make carom seed nasal inhaler. Firstly heat some carom seeds and make a bulb filled with carom seeds in handkerchief. Start rubbing this against your hand palm and push against your nostril. Essential oils come out due to rubbing aids relive nasal blockage.

  1. Good for Digestion system:

Ajwain seeds are very beneficial for indigestive issues. Chewing 1 tbsp of raw omam seeds can help you get rid of indigestion. It can also be consumed with sugar.

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  1. Irregular menses and excessive bleeding:

Ajwain is very good for women issues especially girls with menses problem can drink ajwain water. For making ajowan water just soak 5 tsp of carom seeds in earthen (mud) container filled with water leave it for night. In the morning grind these seed with this water and drink it. This is very good remedy for menstrual cramps or excessive menses.

  1. Amazing benefits for Arthritis:

Carom seeds oil is a very useful for treatment of arthritis pain. By massaging ajwain oil on affected joints regularly help in getting rid of relief from aching pain.

  1. Carom prevents alcohol craving:

These seeds help in reducing alcohol desire. Regular and habitual chewing of ajwain seeds is helpful in preventing carvings for alcohol and treating alcoholism.

  1. Treatment of Viral infections:

Carom seeds are best for treating infections. Mix ajwain seeds powder with yogurt . Apply this paste on face before going to bed. It will lighten acne scars. In morning wash it with little hot water for best results.

  1. Benefits for Diarrhea treatment:

Ajwain seeds are natural way to cure diarrhea or dysentery. Boil 5 tsp carom seeds in one glass of water. Leave it for cooling down and strain this liquid and drink this water twice a day. This water is a standard remedy for treatment dysentery.

  1. Ajwain for Flu treatment:

Boil ajwain seeds with cinnamon stick in water. Let its cool down then Strain it and drink thrice in a day for treatment of flu.

  1. Apply carom seeds as Mosquito repellent:

Carom seeds are used for getting rid of insects and mosquitoes. Just mix carom seeds with mustard oil then dip a cardboard piece in this oil and tie it in the room for getting rid of mosquitoes.

  1. Ajwain cure heals and foot pain:

Ajwain is very beneficial for curing heals and foot pains for this purpose just mix onion seeds, carom seeds, saboot isabgol, fenugreek seeds. Make them powdered in grinder and take 1 tbsp of this powder daily in the morning.

  1. Use carom seeds for increasing appetite:

Carom seeds are used for increasing appetite naturally. Make a powder by grinding fennel seeds, carom seeds, dried ginger powder, black cumin seeds and salt. Add this powder with hot ghee and mix it with cooked rice. This will help you in increasing desire for food.

  1. Carom seeds for Sperm count:

These seeds are used to cure sexual disability problems. Ajwain is used to improve sperm count and treatment of premature ejaculation. Heat carom seeds with clarifies butter and little amount of tamarind kernel. Make paste of all of these ingredients in grander. Mix 1 tsp of this mixture to a glass of milk and honey and drink it.

  1. Benefits for Stomach:

ajwain has amazing benefits for curing stomach problems and issues you can soak 3 teaspoon of ajowan seeds in lemon juice and leave in shade until carom seed absorb all juice then add black salt and grind it. Eat towice a day with lukewarm water. This will help in increasing appetite and cure flatulence and other stomach problems.

  1. Ajwain for Post natal care:

ajwain is used by breastfeeding babies mothers from years. these seeds with fennel seeds are used for making ajwain or ajowan water which is helpful to cleaning uterus and increasing milk production. For making ajwain water add ½ tbsp of carom seeds with 1 tbsp fennel seeds in 1 litre of water and boil it for 5 minutes and let it to be cool. Drink daily for results

  1. Beneficial for headache and Migraine:

Smelling ajwain can help in reducing headache and migraine just enfold carom seeds in handkerchief or tissue paper and smell it.

  1. Benefits for curing menstrual cramps:

Carom seeds is natural a nerve tonic therefore it helps in lowering menstrual cramps during periods or menses. Carom seeds have quite wonderful results for quick relaxation of muscles you can apply the oil on your muscles for relaxation.

  1. Use carom for Heart diseases:

ajwain is also valuable for treatment of chest pain. Eat one tbsp of carom seeds with lukewarm water to stimulate the heart.

  1. Gas acidity and indigestion:

Carom seeds are useful to treat problems like indigestion, gas, acidity and belching. Mix ajwain seeds,black salt and dry ginger grind it take daily with lukewarm water.

  1. Used as Insecticide:

Carom seeds are used as treatment of insect bites and also acts as an insecticide.

  1. Carom seeds used in cooking:

These seeds are commonly used in Pakistani and Indian cooking as a flavour or spice. Ajwain is used in making snacks, sauces, biscuits, pickles and drinks for fine digestion.

  1. Calculus disease:

Eat 6 grams of carom seeds daily to get rid of calculus and kidney disease.

  1. Ajwian mask for pimples and acne scares:

Ajwain is good for treatment of acne and pimples scars. Mix carom seeds powder in yogurt and apply on your face. Wait for 30 minutes and wash off your face with warm water.

  1. Urticaria skin disease:

Eat ¼ tsp of carom seeds with 1 tsp of jaggery. This is a useful remedy to cure urticaria itchy skin.

  1. Cure repeated urination bed Wetting:

Ajwain is used for curing bed wetting of childrens, Take 2 tsp black sesame, 1 tsp carom seeds and 3 tsp of jaggery. Mix all ingredients well. Eat 1 tbsp of this mixture daily this will aid in treating bedwetting and repeated urination.

  1. Treats Joint pains:

Mix carom seeds, shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), black cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds. Make Powder of all ingredients and eat ½ tsp every morning.

  1. Cure Ear pain:

These seeds oil cures ear pain and ear boils.

  1. Treats Flatulence:

Ajowan is good for flatulence and gas. You can soak 2 tbsp of carom seeds in lemon juice lemon juice and leave in shade until carom seed soak up all juice then add black salt and crush it. Eat twice a day with lukewarm water.

  1. Ajwain for diabetes:

Take few neem leaves dry and powder them and store in a jam jar. At night, mix ½ tsp of cumin and carom powder and 1 tsp of neem leaves powder in hot milk. drink it for 30 days. It will control sugar.

  1. Treats Colic:

These seeds cure colic pains. Boil ¼ tsp of carom seeds and ½ tsp of fennel seeds in ¼ litre water. Boil it on a low fire for 4-5 minutes. Wait for cool down liquid and strain it. Drink its one cup daily after food.

  1. Trembling, shaking and paralysis:

Ajwain water is very useful in treating trembling, paralysis and shaking.

  1. Ajwain cures deafness:

Carom seeds oil is used to treat deafness. Put few drops of this oil in your ears to get rid of this deafness and ear pain.

  1. Works as body cleanser:

Drinking carom seeds tea can help in cleansing body poisons and toxin. This tea can reduce many skin associated problems. This tea purifies blood and improves the blood circulation in body.

  1. Work as eye cleaner:

Carom seeds water cleanses eyes. Just boil and strain water for making ajwain water.

  1. Treats Menorrhagia or hematomunia

Soak few seeds of carom (in water) in a mud vessel for complete night. Pound this and drink in the morning.

  1. Ajwain prevents cancer

It is known that ajwain can prevent cancer. It has anticancer properties and stop growth of breast cancer cells without damaging other body

Side effects of carom seeds

There are no side effects if used in proper way but over use of carom seeds may cause vomiting, nausea and gastric ulcers. The seed may lock inside dental cavities because of their small size.      

Different names of Ajwain names

Scientific names:
Carom seeds or ajwain have popular scientific names like Carum copticum or Trachyspermum ammi and Bishop’s weed.
There are many other names of carom seeds in different language like
Arabic name :Taleb el koubs in Arabic,
Chinese name: zhuijao de za cao in chinese
Telegu name:  vamu in telegu
Hindi or Indian name: ajwan / adarjawan or ajvini in Hindi,
Pakistani or urdu name: Ajwan in urdu,
French name: ajowan / ammi eleve / grand ammi or carum in French,
Spanish name: espuma del mar or ajowan /ajave in Spanish,
Italian name: ajowan or  ameo bastardo in Italian
Korean name: jugyoni jabcho in Korean,
Malayalam and marathi name: Omum in Malayalam , ova  in marathi,
Gujarati name:Gujarati name is yavan,
Other names are Ajwan, Kamun al-muluki, Kamme Muluki and ajowan etc.

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