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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Uses of pumice stone as hair remover and scrub

Uses of pumice stone as hair remover and scrub

What is pumice stone and how to use it?

The pumice stone is made of hot lava. When hot lava is mixes with water it creates bubbles like hard surface.

The porous and spongy rock is used as beauty assist in old times.

Uses of pumice stone

Ancient Greek used pumice stone as natural hair remover. It is used as hair removal in these days too. since its very slow process to remove hairs but the basic reason to use it as hair remover is that it removes hairs from roots and stop growth but it required regular used of it. It is very important to used pumice stone in proper way so that it can benefit you. Inappropriate used may harm your skin.

uses of pumice stone
Pumice stone is also used to remove dead cells of skin. Its very good scrubber used for scrubbing of all parts of body like feet’s, hands, elbow and knees etc (except facial skin because face has very sensitive skin and stone can make rashes). We need proper direction to use pumice stone so we can save ourselves from its side effects.

How to use Pumice stone as hair remover:

Pumice stone hair removal method is very famous. It’s used for removing hairs from legs, arms and underarms etc.
If you are going to remove hairs from legs then apply pumice stone in circular direction don’t be to hard or to soft try to scrub in the way that it does not make rashes on your skin. you should must under stand that you will never get rid of unwanted hairs on first application of this stone its will makes hairs weak but with regular use you can completely get escape from all unwanted hairs. You can use this stone for hair removal twice a week.

How to use Pumice stone for scrubbing:

It is mostly used as foot scrubber for this purpose Soak your feet in water for 2 minutes then rub your feet with pumice stone in circular motion it will remove all dead cells and exfoliates your skin naturally. Make sure rub your skin gently otherwise it can damage your skin.
pumice stone foot scrubber

Benefits and side effects of using pumice stone:

There are many benefits of using pumice stone and no side effects if you use it in proper way. It helps in hair removing permanently without any chemical and surgery. It is very cheap and can be used for long period. One stone can be used for six months.


Here are some points to note if you are using stone first time
Don’t rub pumice stone harshly or without direction
Don’t use same stone for different parts of body because it may cause infection due to bacteria

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