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Monday, 2 June 2014

How to get rid of calluses on feet

How to get rid of calluses on feet

A callus is a condition in which skin of hands and feet become too much dry and ruff. Calluses causes discomfort since they are harmless but if they become old they can cause infections and other skin problems.
How to get rid of calluses on feet
It’s very good to choose natural remedies and cures for treatment of calluses. Here I am going to share some home remedies for treatment of calluses of feet if you want to know how to remove calluses from feet follow these steps.

Soaking of feet and hands to get ride of callus:

Just soak your hands and foot in water for ten minutes it will soften your skin you can add bath oil or Epsom salt in soaking water it will relax you 

Baking soda for calluses treatment:

Take hot water and add small amount of baking soda then Soak you feet in baking soda water. Or after soaking your feet in regular water apply baking soda mixture (Add 2 tbsp of baking in 1 tbsp of water) and massage for 1-2 minutes and wash off.

Use pumice stone for scrubbing your feet:

Try to soak your feet periodically and clean them with pumice stone. Don’t rub harshly just use pumice stone in proper way in circular movements. Use different pumice stone for different parts so you can avoid skin infection.

Remove calluses from feet with Pineapple:

 Pineapple can help you to remove calluses and corns from foot and hands just apply a piece on affected area in night and cover it with cloth like bandage. With regular use you will get rid of calluses of feet and feet corns in few weeks. It will work excellently.
You can also apply pine apple juice for curing your callus.

Moisturize your hands and feet:

Reason of calluses is dryness so try to keep your hands and feet moisturize with homemade natural moisturizer or quality lotions. Wear soaks after application of lotion so your feet and hands stay moisturize for long time.

Apply Utilize cornstarch for avoiding callus and foot corns:

Apply utilize cornstarch on foot or hands just sprinkle it on affected area. This will avoid making of callus, corns and its discomfort.

Remove calluses from feet with Vinegar:

Apply vinegar on calluses and corns with cotton ball make sure apply vinegar on affected area only. If you have diabetes or bad blood circulation then doesn't try vinegar for callus treatment it has side effects and can harm you.

Shoes for getting rid of calluses on feet:

Wear padded shoes and avoid high heels it can make you callus for critical because of heels you put your all wait on foot ball which causes calluses and corns.

Wear gloves on hands:

If you are having callus on hands then wear padded gloves and make sure gloves should be matching to you hands so they fit well.

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