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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Banana facial mask and moisturizer recipe

Banana facial mask and moisturizer recipe

Banana is very good for skin it’s helpful for getting younger looking, reducing wrinkles, aging and helps in attaining glowing skin. Banana is used as natural facial mask and moisturizer. For simple facial mask just get rip banana and mash it apply directly on face wash your face after twenty minutes .It will give you glowing and attractive facial skin. Banana is source of vitamin C, B6 and vitamin A.
Here is popular homemade natural recipe of banana natural face mask. Banana is good for acne and honey is good for skin smoothing

Home made Banana Face mask recipe:-

Banana             1
Yogurt              ¼ cup
Honey              2 tsp
Mix all and make paste apply on face for fifteen minutes after it rinse it with simple water 

Banana Natural moisturizer recipe:-

Rip Banana                                           ½
Yogurt                                                  1 tsp
Vitamin E capsules                                1
Mix banana, yogurt and vitamin E and make paste apply on face for twenty minutes. This mask is very good moisturizer

Benefits of banana facial mask:-

Banana helps to make skin glowing and young it reduces acne. It is good for skin because its source of vitamin A, C, B6. banana is good skin moisturizer it also works against skin allergies. Banana hydrates skin naturally. By rubbing banana on skin we can get rid of mosquito bits pains 

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