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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Home remedies to get rid of burning scars and marks

Home remedies to get rid of burning scars and marks 

Here are few home remedies which can help you in reducing scars.

Potato juice: 

Apply potato juice on burned area it relief skin burning pain and reduce scars.

Aloe vera gel:

Apply aloe vera gel on the burning scars also helps to reduce burning scars.

aloevera gel for burning scars

Organic honey:

Apply pure organic honey on the effected area it helps in healing burning area and reduce marks and scars naturally. 

Lavender oil: 

Apply lavender oil its very good remedy for reducing burning marks and scars.

Vitamin E capsules: 

Apply vitamin E capsules liquid on damaged area it heals burning fast and remove scars naturally.  

Rosehip oil:

Apply rosehip oil on scars its very good home remedy for removes scare and marks 

rosehip oil for burning scars

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