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Monday, 19 December 2011

Belly and Skin Stretch Marks Prevention Remedies

Belly and Skin Stretch Marks prevention remedies

Belly and skin Stretch marks prevention remedies
Giving childbirth completes women life and support to become a happy married couple but it doesn’t mean everything is rosy. Stretch marks are ugly and unattractive outcome of pregnancy. Here I am share some important tips to get ride of stretch marks largely. By this precaution, you can definitely minimize stretch marks.
Eat a Balanced Diet
Women should eat balance diet to save them selves from difficulties extra diet means extra wait which mean extra stretch marks
Check weight gain regularly
Must keep view on your weight extra or less weight is not good consult doctor regularly
Wear supportive cloths
Women should wear supportive cloths so that they mange there body shape. Don’t think that these cloths are for short period think about you
Moisturize your skin properly and daily 
It’s very important to moisturize skin and belly it will save you from stretch marks. Massage skin with vitamin e, lotion or with moisturizing creams. Apply shea butter or coca butter twice a day during pregnancy after child birth you will see no stretch marks
Exercise daily
Exercising will help to make you in good health exercise will also reduce your labor pain and stretch marks. Daily exercise will make skin elastic and firm.

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