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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Simple Facial

Simple Facial
Facial helps to be fair in skin tone gives fresh and fair look.
How can we do facial at Home there are many companies which are selling products related to facial  
It's easy to do Try it


Cleansing Milk or cleanser
Face Wash


First of all gently massage on face with whitening cleanser for 10 minutes and then clean it off and use toner after it
Products Examples
Clean and clear, deep clean, Aksa cleanser, excellent cleanser etc


Now apply scrub on the face gently massage on face until it absorb in skin Remove it and use skin toner on the face if skin has black heads or white heads then after applying scrub take steam and remove these black heads  
Products Examples
Apricot scrub, Aksa scrub, St Ives Apricot Whitening Scrub

Mask or peel off

Now apply Mask or jell on the face leave it to dry out for 20 minutes then Remove it and use skin toner on the face
Products Examples
Cucumber Mask, Mud mask, olay

Whiting Face Wash

Now in the last apply face wash on the face wash skin after massage of 2 minutes
Products Examples
Himalaya herbal Lakmy Whiting Face Wash, ponds Whiting Face Wash

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