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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How to do Party Makeup

How to do Party Makeup

Party makeup consist of more excel and much brighter shades of eye shades and blush 

Method of party makeup


Cleanse your face first and if their summer seasons then rub ice on face it will absorb extra moisture .Relax skin for 5 minutes


Now use concealer on dark spots on face and dark circle around eyes to cover freckles of skin then leave it for 3 minutes.

Waterproof makeup Stick

Apply stick matching with your skin tone and merge it with sponge. Relax face for 5 minutes

Pan cake or foundation 

Apply pan cake with damp sponge. It should also matches with your skin tone and stick color. Merge it smoothly. Pancake is a thick, full-coverage foundation used primarily to cover major skin discoloration, scars or facial hair if you have even skin then you can use foundation or avoid both in case of good skin

Face powder

Apply face powder all over face


Dress color

First cover eyes with foundation then use eye shade matching with your dress and apply highlighter on upper lit and brown on the side corners

Shimmer or eye gloss

Shimmering touch applies shimmer on the outer and inner corners. and for glossy touch apply eye gloss on outer and inner corners.

Eyeliner or Kajol

Apply eyeliner smoothly on eyes. or Use kajol on eyes whatever you like

Then apply mascara. Apply mascara first on upper lash and then on lower lash.


Give shape to eyebrows with black pencil.


Apply blush on cheeks for party make up choose gloomy or a little shinning shades. Give it form


Apply lip liner and then fill lips with the lipstick and apply lip gloss over it. You can use .Pink colors and light brown colors on white skin tone and dark skin tones try to use soft colors like light brown, mushroom, beige  

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