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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Applying long lasting Nail polish/Nail paint

Applying long lasting Nail polish/Nail paint

Nail polish increase the beauty of nails as well as hands .Nail polish plays an essential role when it moves toward to the beauty care of nails.
It's important to pay attention while applying on your nail polish as it improves beauty of person nails and makes more stylish.
The important points to take care while appling nail polish

  • Firstly apply single coat of nail polish and wait ten minutes to dry it then apply second code and dry it. Nail polish will remain for long time period
  • Select the nail polish you would like to apply and make sure that it is not more than three months older as the out dated nail polishes may damage nails
  • Apply the moisturizer thoroughly to your hands weekly as it will help in increase nails.

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