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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Celebratory makeup

Celebratory makeup

This kind of makeup is a little more enchanting and bright than everyday makeup or night makeup. However there are some rules that apply this kind of makeup these are rules and regulations which you have to consider in order avoiding tackiness or poor taste. Chosen colors should be well matched

Cleansing and facial

In order to feel good about your makeup do a systematic cleansing of your face. If you have enough time, do a steam-bath and facial your face. Because these procedures can grounds the skin to blush then apply makeup after one or at least half hour because skin needs rest to soothe and calm Apply moisturizing lotion after facial also helps to calm down skin

Face foundation

Apply foundation on the skin. Extend an even layer of foundation beginning at the center of your face and working outward. If there are small skin flaws you wish to hide you can add next layer, remember that in this case the first layer must be very thin. Blend the edges of foundation till head and the lower end of neck. If there are pimple on the skin still remains or spots observable on your skin, coat them with any good concealer. Be careful not to use too much this can cause imperfections extra noticeable. Apply face powder on the face with powder puff or brush. you can use golden face powder

Eye makeup

Start with the eyebrows. Comb them with an eyebrow brush next define eyebrows with pencil eyeliner. Here is the trick to make or present better shape of eyebrows. You can combine two colors of pencil – black and brown .curl your lashes if you want to give them a better shape.Now apply some light colored eye shadow on the inner half of the eyelid. Gently blend it all the way to the eyebrow. Now add any darker shadow to the outer corner of eyelid . This shade should match with the lighter shade of inner corner. You can use same shades with different gradation. Blend in the middle and spread the darker tone toward the eyebrow. Now apply liquid eyeliner or pencil on eyes. Its length and intensity should vary according to the shape and color of yours eye shape.

Cheekbones and blush

Apply blush to cheekbones, making sure both sides are matching and leveled with each. The color and intensity of your blush should be determined by your complexion and the tone of the rest of your makeup. It should be pleasant.


Outline the contour part of your lips with pencil lip liner, correct lips shape if required. Spread an even layer of lipstick using brush. Press your lips on a tissue to remove excesses and apply a second layer. In the last apply lip gloss for shine.

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