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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Choosing perfume and its categories

Choosing perfume and its categories
When someone wears the perfume during the day should use lighter fragrances tend to be wearing better then heavier one. The heavier perfumes are great for evenings. Furthermore uses you can use fresh, floral, oceanic, fruity and woody depending upon the moods
The way to find a perfume that suits you is to wear it for at least an hour. This allows the top, middle and base observations to choose how it will suit your lifestyle.
When testing a perfume you should place it on the pulse points on your wrist. Do not rub it into your skin. Ideally you should limit the amount of perfumes you test. If however you do have limited time for buying perfume opposing wrists are perfect for testing a couple of fragrances.
Avoid testing perfumes after exercise or in fever. Your body temperature will be higher and this will change the smell of the perfume
I am listing some categories of perfume:
Fruity perfumes
These are fresh delicate scent with fruit smells and aroma.
Orientals perfumes
These are unusual and strong fragrances that smells of luxurious strong flowers.if you like to have deep effects like this one category
Floral perfumes
These kinds of perfumes are draws from a high level of essential oils resulting from flowers. These perfumes are feminine and romantic.
Woody scents
These fragrances have a strong scent of the forest and its surroundings.
Oceanic fragrances
Modern scents that use synthetic elements to have a strong aroma of the sea and its surroundings areas

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