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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Fairness Cream /Face Whiting Cream

Home Made Fairness Cream /Face Whiting Cream


Fresh strawberries or cherries               3-4 pieces
Cream Yogurt                                                  2 tbsp

Hydroquinone 2%                                            3 drops

Jasmine oil                                                        2 tbsp

Ubtan powder                                                   1 tbsp

Sweet Crushed Almonds                                  2 tbsp

Sandalwood powder                                        1 tbsp

Rose Water                                                      1/2 cup
Multani Metti                                                    2 tbsp

In a mixer add rose water, cream yogurt, crushed almonds, Multani Metti Powder, sandalwood powder, ubtan powder and jasmine oil.
Blend properly all these ingredients. Then add fresh strawberries and 2%hydroquinon
Cream and blend strongly. Take out in a bowl and refrigerate it and will form like a thick paste cream.

Apply properly on skin with the help of brush. Then Leave it for 1 1/2 hrs. This cream must be applied from face to neck area like a mask. Daily use of 1or 1 1/2 hrs. Is recommended if you have sensitive skin then use 2 drops of hydroquinone 2%

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