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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Tips for getting long and strong and healthy Nails

Tips for getting long and strong and healthy Nails
For long nails you need to eat hard-boiled egg and milk to make your nails as well as entire body healthier and stronger.
Massage your nails on daily basis with olive oil this will moisturize your nails which is a must for healthy nails, especially during the winter, when nails are more vulnerable to breakage and massage them regularly.
Massage is very important for nails.You can massage with nail buffer, rapidly massage it backward and forward on the smooth surface of your fingernails. This improves blood flow to the nail bed and promotes growth.
Olive oil massage will enhance the suppleness of the nails and thus prevent cracking and breaking. Massage nails with garlic paste daily it will also nourish nails  


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