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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Weight Gain diet plan

Weight Gain diet plan 

Here is simple diet plan smart and slim people to get healthy weight quickly and easily 

For Breakfast:

One cup milk / one cup tea which you like
Fresh juice, Rice plate, 2 eggs boil or fried. 4 bread with jam or butter
Two prathas or bread stuffed with potatoes
One cup milk / one cup tea which you like

For Lunch:

A bowl of sweet curd, 2-3 chapattis with ghee on them, a bowl of rice, a dish made with green vegetables or a bowl full of dal (cereals), a plate of salad, containing tomato, cucumber, and grated cabbage


two slices of brown bread with cheese and one glass of
banana shake/ apple shake/mango shake in between you can eat nuts like roasted pistachios ,peanuts ,almonds etc

For Dinner:

In the dinner take 1/4 kg of chicken or  fish, rice salad cooked vegetables or fruits and chapatti and a glass of milk or juice

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