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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Scarf, How to tie scarf and How to wear scarf

Scarf, How to wear scarf and How to tie scarf

I love to wear scarf it not only make me elegant stylish and modern but also provides me comfort because of religious fact. Many people have many question in mind related to scarves like can men wears scarf if yes then how? Why mostly girls or ladies wears scarf? What is the most important cause of wearing scarf? Answer is scarves are considered as fashion inclination and important part of religion. Scarf is mostly used in ​​Islamic country and Middle Eastern Beaches. Scarf can be gracefully held over the head or around neck choice depended on you how you carry it. Boys also carry scarves around there neck in winter they provide the trendy look and saves from cool breezes.
Students and women from house and work places like to ties scarf. Most women have preference to select fashionable ties scarves but existing in the religious boundaries.
There are many scarves available in markets like Arabic scarves, Italian scarves, and Persian scarf.
Women-Wearing Scarf:
You can wear the scarf on the head by allowing V side to lay down back side then on front side twist the longer portion on the shoulder pin up its done.
Here I am sharing some pictures related to latest scarf wearing styles

Men- How to tie scarf:
First of all fold scarf in half then cover around your neck with looped end and shoulder. Now drag long part of scarf through the round or loop and draw long side below the nick line, insert it over the top and pull it down again. Tighten the scarf it’s almost done.

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