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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Benefits of Finger millet or Ragi (Eleusine coracana)

Benefits of Finger millet or Ragi (Eleusine coracana )

Ragi (Finger millet) is important cereal which is an outstanding source of protein.
Ragi or finger millet contains amino acids, B vitamins, folic acid, calcium and potassium. Finger Millet contains amino acids namely Threonine, Tryptophan, Isoleucine, Valine and Methionoine. Ragi is good source of iron and helps to increase haemoglobin in blood. Ragi also contains dietary fibres and polyphenol. Ragi or finger millet is very good for diabetes patients due to polypyhnol and dietary fibres which make ragi cereal anti-diabetic, antioxidant and antimicrobial. Ragi is gluten free low fat cereal. Being low in fat and gluten free it helps to have low calories consumption.

Ragi helps to loss weight: 

Many people prefer to eat ragi cereal when they are on diet .Dietary Fibres in ragi controls excessive appetite. Due to the fact that ragi is low fat cereal we consume fewer calories and loss weight.

Ragi helps to lowers Blood Cholesterol: 

Essential amino acids contain in finger millet or Ragi helps to lower cholesterol levels in body. Ragi cereals remove excess fat from the liver and control lever fat formation which low down the cholesterol level in the body.

Ragi helps to protect against cancer:

Ragi also helps to protect you against cancer and atherosclerosis

Ragi for bones and muscles:

Ragi is very good for bones and muscles calcium of ragi of finger millet helps in bone development and reduces bones fractures risks. Ragi helps in repairing tissues, metabolism and muscle coordination due high amino acids in it.

Ragi for Anemia patients:

Ragi is very good for anemia. It increase haemoglobin levels in blood due to iron consumption

Ragi for diabetics:

Regular consumption of ragi cereal or finger millet controls diabetes or blood sugar levels. Diets based on whole finger millet have lower glycemic response which lowers ability to raise blood sugar.

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