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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Home-made Ubtan recipe for babies | Perfect glowing baby soft skin

Home-made Ubtan recipe for babies | Perfect glowing baby soft skin 

Every mother wishes to have fair child with no hair on his/her body. When children born they may have small hair or dark complexion it may remain till 2 years after birth but if these hair or darker complexion remains after age of 2 years then mother should do some thing so their child especially girl babies would not suffer from the pain of waxing, threading or shaving when they grow up.
Here I am sharing home made ubtan or scrub recipe for new born or younger babies you can massage your 1 year or older babies with this scrub.


Red lentils (Masoor dal)                                          500 gm
Turmeric /Haldi                                                       250 gm
Sandalwood                                                            100 gm
Kapur-kachri/ hedychium or pistachios                   250 gm
Almond Oil                                                        to make paste
Milk cream                                                        to make paste

Preparation: -

Mix all ingredients (instead of almond oil and milk cream) grind them well make powder form. After grinding store powder in air tight jar. When you want to massage babies then add oil and cream in powder make thick paste and massage baby in start massage softly after 2 to 3 weeks you can massage little harder. you can start this massage one year babies.

After massaging there will be little yellowish color of babies but it will finish after bath so don’t worry. Take care like our face book fan page follow us on stumble up thank, 

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