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Friday, 24 January 2014

Home-made Vitamin C serums, Cream and Vitamin C Lotion

Home-made Vitamin C serums, Cream and Vitamin C Lotion

Have you ever used vitamin C serum, Vitamin C cream or Vitamin C lotion?When we are thinking to apply any vitamin c cream, lotion or serum there are number of questions pops up in our mind like what are benefits of Vitamin C serum? Should I use Vitamin C cream, Lotion or mask? Why people are using vitamin C creams, Mask, lotion and serums for skin care? Answers of these entire questions are very straightforward
Vitamin C helps to increase collage production in the skin which lends a hand to reduce aging signs and wrinkles. It saves skin from chlorine exposure and negative sun exposure. Vitamin C is useful for skin brightening and Skin tightening. Vitamin c is also helpful for skin repairing. Vitamin C Serums, Mask, creams and lotion are known as an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle. Many of Vitamin C products are very costly. But you can use homemade and inexpensive alternatives for Vitamin C products.
Here is home made Vitamin C serum /lotion recipe 

Home Made Vitamin C Serum/Lotion Recipe

Dark colored container                to store solution
Vitamin C Powder                    ½ tsp 
Distilled water                           to dissolve vitamin c and glycerin
glycerin                                    2 tsp
First of all dissolve the Vitamin C powder in the water then add glycerin mix well store in colored bottle you can use it for a month
Use glycerin if you have dry skin otherwise use only Vitamin c powder and water solution. If you have sensitive skin test it on you arm firstly you can also decrease vitamin C quantity

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