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Sunday, 5 January 2014

How to do Smokey eye make-up/Tips for Smokey eye make-up

How to do Smokey eye make-up/Tips for Smokey eye make-up

You can do Smokey eye makeup. It will give you attractive. Look at some tips and technique for eye makeup
Required items for Smokey eye make-up:-
Eye primer/foundation
Eye makeup brushes
Water proof Mascara
Dark coloured Eye shadows (like black chocolate dark brown, dark blue, dark green)
Light colour eye shadow (grey, skin colour, light pink, light blue)
Apply eye primer or foundation on eyelid. Eye primer will make eyelid oil free. 
Apply eye liner of black or brown colour on inner eye lash to outer corner of eye lash on upper and lower eye lash and sketch thick line in the centre of eye. Next step is blending different colours underneath lashes to give smudge effect.
Apply eye shadow in V shape toward the outside corner of both eyes it will give Smokey effect. Apply light colour shimmer over brow bone. Blend eye brush into eye shadow colour and apply on your lash line continue blending with eye brush until eye liner disappears. Blend colours properly.
 Then apply mascara on eye lashes your eye makeup is done.


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