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Thursday, 16 January 2014

How to style Medium size hairs or hair styling for medium length hairs

How to style Medium size hairs or Hair styling for Medium Length Hairs

Hair styling is very important step in personal grooming. people have short ,long and medium hairs they styles them in many ways but there is an advantage for people having medium size hairs they can style them not only easily but there are number of ways to style medium size hairs.   
There are lots of beautiful, stunning and elegant wedding hair styles and party hair styles existing for people having medium length hair size.I personally love medium size hairs because they are easy to style and maintain. Medium size hair style suits all types of face shapes
Medium length hairstyle increases women confidence specially girls having long neck medium hairs suites them.
Hair styles makes us beautiful and gorgeous but its very important that you choice right hair style according to your hair length and facial shape here I am writing some styles name according to facial shapes

Beautiful Medium Length hair styles for round faces

Flirty flip, edgy bob, round bob styles are in fashion

Gorgeous Medium Length hair styles for oval faces

You can choice Curled with layers, Feather hair cuts, bangs hair style, layered, equal hairs cut from ends

Best Medium Length hair cuts and styles for long faces

Bangs curls, shoulder cuts, crop cut,edgy bangs is good option for long face 

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