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Monday, 10 February 2014

Skin polish karnay ka Tarika | Skin polishing treatment procedure at home

Skin polishing treatment procedure at home | Skin polish karnay ka Tarika

Skin polishing is very good for skin related issues like aging, fine lines, crow lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. Skin polish makes face glowing, clear and also help in lightening skin scars and skin marks. Skin polishing is also used for skin whitening. Skin polishing is a type of bleaching it lighten colour of facial hairs.
Skin polish also used for treatment of dead cells of skin. It helps to remove damaged cells layer from the upper part of the skin. Skin polish makes skin fresh and glowing.
You can do skin polish treatment at home easily with these products

Skin polishing products requirement:-

Cleansing milk
Double action cream
Vitamin E capsules
Soothing lotion
Rose water
Face shiner
Almond oil
Talcum powder
Creamy scrub
Mud mask
Hair band


Apply hair band on head to avoid hairs contact on face. Massage skin with cleansing milk then Massage 12 to 15 minutes with double action cream and leave it for 3 minutes after this clean face with sponge.
Next step is application of soothing lotion. Soothing lotion makes skin ready for polish it also moderate skin. Mix these ingredients in following ratios
Soothing lotion                                                 1 tbsp
Vitamin E capsules                                              1
Wella blonder jelly/ powder                              1 tbsp
Talcum powder                                                1 pinch
Skin shiner                                                        1 tbsp
Rose water                                                        3 drops
Almond oil                                                        2 drops
Make a paste of ingredients mentioned above apply on the face and neck for 20 minutes after it clean your face with rose water soaked sponge leave skin for rest for 3 minutes then massage with vitamin E capsule it helps skin nourishing and also lighten skin marks. After it apply scrub on face massage for 5 minutes then apply mud mask on the face for 20 minutes wait for drying mask after drying remove mask. At last apply rose water on the face or apply cold cream.

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