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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tooth paste for pimple treatment |pimple treatment instantly with Toothpaste

Tooth paste for pimple treatment |Pimple treatment instantly with Toothpaste

If you have irritating acne, pimple or itchy red skin due to pimple then don’t worry you can get relief instantly. pimple many also leave red scars or itchy skin which is very difficult to hide with makeup and this makes a beautiful face ugly therefore just follow some tips to avoid this kind of embarrassment if you are having pimple on face or skin wash your face with a good face wash 2 to 3 times a day it helps you to save from more pimple production keep in mind pimple increases due to skin dryness so avoid to skin being dry. Main and important step of pimple treatment is application of toothpaste.
Apply white toothpaste or mint toothpaste on pimple in night and remove it in morning .when you apply toothpaste you should dub it on skin and toothpaste should cover pimple properly.
Don’t use any coloured or jell based toothpaste it will never provide you relief .if you have sensitive skin then try with less amount of toothpaste or consult your doctor if you have very terrible pimples for long time.

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