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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Use Honey for acne treatment

Use Honey for acne treatment

Natural Honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities which make honey excellent for skin acne treatment. Antibacterial property of honey helps to fight against bacteria which cause red and swelling acne prone skin. People specially young girls used different chemical products for curing acne fast or over night but forgot their side effects where as honey is natural remedy for acne.
There are thousands of other natural remedies for acne treatment but all these work for different people because everyone has different acne issues. try to use acne treatment according to your issue if you have acne or acne scares or pimple on skin then apply honey to cure it but if you have hormonal acne of teenage then evening primrose oil will be better choice. Now how to use honey on face you can use natural organic, pure ,unrefined honey on skin directly let it dry and wash your face with lukewarm water you can do this daily for glow and clear skin.  You can also use honey mask on skin.

Honey turmeric mask for acne treatment:-

Mix 4 tsp of organic honey with ¼ tsp of pure turmeric paste or powder apply on the face for 10 minutes wash face with water you can apply this mask daily on skin.

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