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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What is Microdermabrasion| Microdermabrasion at home review | Microdermabrasion benefits and side effects

What is Microdermabrasion| Microdermabrasion at home review | Microdermabrasion benefits and side effects

Do you know what mircodermabrasion treatment is? Microdermabrasion is popular non surgical cosmetic treatment of skin exfoliation that helps to remove dead skin layer, marks, blackheads and acne it increases cell turnover.
It also makes skin wrinkle free and glowing .Microdermabrasion eliminate dead skin cell and makes skin softer, decrease aging signs and fine lines. Microdermabrasion is beneficial for oily or dry skin. It is also used to treat acne and skin marks.

In microdermabrasion, tiny aluminium crystals are sprayed on skin with high velocity jet of air which gently removes the outer layer of skin and make it glowing. This method is less forceful and harmless than dermabrasion. it is second popular after Botox treatment. Microdermabrasion only removes skin problems which are generated after birth it does not treat scares or mole by birth. In start this treatment was only done by doctors or dermatologists but now numerous skin care products companies such as L'OrĂ©al, Neutrogena and Ponds are producing microdermabrasion at-home kits. This kit includes a sharp scrub or cream and a tool for application. The main part of creams may include aluminum oxide crystals, which are basically used in the trained microdermabrasion treatment.
Here are some benefits of microdermabrasion
1.        Microdermabrasion treats skin damaged by Sun
2.        It helps skin Softens and removes fine lines and wrinkles
3.        It decreases age spots and skin Pigmentation
4.        It makes skin glowing and younger
5.        Smoothes roughly textured skin
6.        It reduces acne and acne scars
7.        Treatment removes Blackheads and white-heads
8.        Treats Dull, rough and stressed skin
There are lot of benefit of this treatment because it only treat top layer of skin but a little side effects which are temporary side effects light skin burning or redness, skin tightness. It is advised that person having sensitive skin should consult doctor before treatment

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