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Friday, 21 March 2014

All natural facial masks for glowing skin

All natural facial masks for glowing skin

Natural products are always best for skin treatments you can use natural face mask for skin just make them at home there are many masks you can easily prepare at home like, Oatmeal natural facial mask, Milk mask, Banana facial mask, Mayonnaise mask, yogurt fruit facial mask, mustered mask, lemon mask, gram flour or chick pea mask, orange peel off skin cleansing mask and almond mask
These are recipes of all these masks.

Oatmeal natural facial mask

Oatmeal is very good natural skin mask for glowing skin here is recipe of oatmeal face mask
natural facial mask
Oatmeal                       1/3 cup
Little hot water             ½ cup
Honey                          2 tbsp
Yogurt              2 tbsp
Egg white                     1
Take little hot (not very hot) water and mix it with oatmeal for 4 minutes. Then add plain yogurt honey and egg white mix well apply over face for fifteen minutes wash your face with Luke warm water.

Milk Mask natural facial mask

Milk mask is best for skin nourishment. With milk face mask you can get spa facial at home just take powder milk mix with water and make thick paste apply on face and wash or remove it after twenty minutes.
Milk Mask for face

Banana natural Face mask recipe

Banana gives you younger looking, wrinkle free skin natural banana facial mask is source of vitamin C and A for skin banana smoothes skin and make glowing facial skin here are ingredients of banana facial mask
Banana natural Face mask
Banana             ½
Yogurt              3 tsp
Honey              1 tsp
Mix all and make paste apply on face for fifteen minutes after it rinse it with simple water

Mayonnaise mask for face smoothing and clearness

Mayonnaise is made of eggs and helpful for skin smoothing and cleaning. Just apply mayonnaise on face for twenty minutes and wash your face with cool water it will provide you smoother and younger looking skin.

Yogurt fruit facial mask

Yogurt is skin good for skin renewing and revitalizing it also cleanse skin and tighten skin pores
Yogurt Fruit facial mask recipe:-
Two slice of orange with pulp and juice without seeds
Yogurt Fruit facial maskYogurt              1 tbsp
Aloe                 1 tbsp
Mix all ingredients and make paste apply on face for ten minutes after it rinse it with simple water .this mask will provides you spa treatment at home

Bracing Mustered mask for face

Mustered is good for skin this mask smoothes and renew skin .just take mustered paste and apply on skin for 5 minutes then face with water but please test small amount first if you have sensitive skin mustered might irritates little

Lemon facial mask

Lemon is good for skin it moisturizes and exfoliates skin. Many people use lemon for acne and marks
Mix these two ingredients you can use olive oil instead of almond oil if you have sensitive skin
Lemon juice                  1tbsp
Almond oil                    3 tbsp
Mix both ingredients and apply on face for five to ten minutes after it rinse it with simple water.

Almond Milk face mask for glowing skin

Almond Milk mask
Almonds           5
Milk                 for soaking almonds
Soak almonds in milk during night and make paste in morning. apply on face for fifteen minutes after it rinse it with water .this mask will give you glowing white skin naturally.

Gram flour face mask for beautiful skin and glowing skin

This is very popular mask for getting flawless skin naturally it will make your skin lighter and smoother just follow simple steps for preparation of this mask
Gram flour (Besaan)                  1tbsp
turmeric                                    ¼ tbsp
Rose water                              few drops
Lemon juice                              1 tbsp
Mix all the ingredients and create paste apply this mask on face and wait until mask become dry. Wash your face with cold water.

Orange peel off mask for instant glow

Orange peels                            2 tsp
Milk                                         2 tsp
Mix both ingredients and soak for five minutes grind it and make thick paste apply this mask on face and wait for drying or ten minutes . Wash your face with water after drying of masks.

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