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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Exercises to reduce and minimize Double chin

Exercises to reduce and minimize Double chin

During Aging process we loss collagen in skin which causes sagging skin and double chin. Double chin is common in men and women. 
exercise for double chinIf you want to get rid of double chin then you should follow these exercises and have healthy diet to prevent aging.
A facial muscle which causes double chin is called platysma. Platysma make down your neck from jaws

Neck rolling exercise for minimizing double chin:-

Stand straight. Firstly turn your head to right side so that your chin is equivalent to shoulder. Gradually start rolling down your head then to the other side. For best result repeat this ten to twelve times.

Chin lifting for double chin reduction:-

Stand on your back and straighten your neck. 
Chin lifting for double chin
Lift up your chin toward ceiling and look at floor or ceiling. Crease your lips upward and hold on this position for ten seconds. Repeat this procedure ten times. By doing this exercise daily you can get best result and minimize chin exercise every day for best effect.

Jaw and chin Muscles exercise:-

Platysma make double chin when this platysma muscles runs down you have double chin problem for reducing double chin stand with straight neck. Pull your lips up so jaws are Tighten just have your lips above your teeth and turn-off the area of your mouth down, it just like you are making  face. Wait for ten seconds then calm down. Repeat the exercise fifteen times for getting rid of double chin.

Exercises to reduce and minimize Double chin

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