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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Home made salt body scrub recipe

Home made salt body scrub recipe

homemade salt scrub recipe
A salt scrub provides nice and amazing feel. Salt Scrub smooths and cleanse body hands, elbows and knees. Salt has natural properties of relaxing and exfoliating so salts are excellent exfoliator and scrub for body salt scrubs are very expensive here I am going to share home made salt scrub recipe.

Salt (Epsom salt or sea salt)                                                      1 cup

Almond oil (you can use any other list is given below)                 5 tbsp
Lemon or orange essential oil                                                    few drops                    
Mix all these and save in air tight jar whenever you are going to take bath or cleaning or particularly dry area, like elbows and knees. Salt scrub is best for removing hands blackness. Apply this salt Scrub on skin in a circular motion with hands or for better results use shower puff, washcloth and net scrubber for applying scrub. Wait for few minutes and wash your body with Luke warm water. Pat dries your body with towel. You can use soap for washing your body if you are feeling little oil but not necessary

Salt scrub benefits for skin:-

Using salt scrub is very beneficial for skin it cleanse and exfoliates skin there following benefits of salt, oil and essential oil

Salts benefits for body salt scrub:-

Salt has natural properties of relaxing and exfoliating you can use any salt according to your requirements. Epsom salt is famous for relaxing properties and sea salt is largely used in bath scrubs. Simple salt is cheaply available and provides good result too now choose salt according to your requirements

Oil benefits in salt scrub:-

I personally like almond oil because of its qualities almond oil not only moisturize body but also work well for anti aging too. Almond oil makes skin glowing by nourishing it. you can use any of the oil according to your choice here is list of oils you can use for body Almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil jojoba oil, avocado oil, peanut oil, olive oil rosehip oil, sesame oil and sunflower oil.

Essential oil use:-

Essential oil provides you nice feeling and helps in relaxing. You can use Lemon orange, pepper mint essence oil or lavender oil according to your taste.

Note: -

You should not use baby oil in salt scrub. Baby oil can clog your pores

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