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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Gajra (garland )for wedding

Gajra (garland )for wedding

Gajray are flower made jewelry very famous in India Pakistan. Gajre are traditional garland of India and used for hair, hands and door decoration etc.Gajra is also known as garland in English. Gajra is mostly wearer in wedding ceremonies like mehndi, ubtan, mayoon and baraat etc. floral decoration and bridal gajra are very important part of mehndi rasam or rusme hina .
Flowers jewellery is considered best for mehndi event of wedding ceremony because fragrance of flowers provides fresh feel it also work as natural scent, cologne and perfume. There are many flowers are used in making gajra or garland but rose and jasmine flowers are mostly used.

wedding gajra urdu

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