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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Wheat germ oil health benefits and uses

Wheat germ oil health benefits and uses

Wheat germ oil health benefitsDo you know what wheat germ oil is? How to use it? What are the health benefits of using wheat germ oil? Wheat germ oil is extracted from the most important part of wheat grains the kernel of wheat grains this solution or oil is called wheat germ oil. There are many benefits of using wheat germ oil in our life routine.

Nutritious value facts of wheat germ oil:

It is one of the high nutritious value grains. Wheat germ oil is good source of vitamin B complex, Vitamin E oil, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B6.

Wheat germ oil health benefits:

Although many people are not familiar with wheat germ oil uses but there are some amazing health benefits of using wheat germ oil.

Wheat germ oil for skin:

Wheat germ oil helps in avoid many skin problem, diseases and skin issues like eczema, dry skin, psoriases. You can apply this oil on skin it smoothes skin naturally by repairing it. Vitamin E oil of wheat germ oil makes its best for getting smooth and healthy skin.

Anti-Aging and antioxidant:

Wheat germ oil for skinWheat germ oil is very good for anti aging it avoids wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging signs. Its anti aging and antioxidant properties make its very useful for skin damage and aging spots. it saves skin free radicals in air.

Normalize and regulates nervous System:

Wheat germ oil is best for mind and nervous system normalizing. Vitamin B complex of this oil helps in reducing stress naturally. Omega 3 fatty acid of this oil helps in normalizing and regulating nervous system.

Energy booster:

It is also energy booster wheat germ oil .Wheat germ oil improves muscular energy it provides oxygen and energy during exercise. The saturated primary alcohol of wheat germ oil (called octacosanol) helps in energy boosting.

Repairing Tissues:

Wheat germ oil helps in repairing skin tissues because it is good source of Vitamin E. which is good for cells it helps mineral and vitamins to moves in cells. Mostly vitamin E helps in healing burning and damaged skin. Wheat germ oil is also used for treating scratch marks because of vitamin E in it.

Wheat germ oil is good in pregnancy:

It helps in avoiding miscarriages and birth defects. It has plenty of benefits for pregnant women hence highly recommended by doctor.

Wheat germ oil for hair growth:

Wheat germ oil is very good for hairs. it treats dry and damaged hairs. Specially vitamin E of wheat germ oil increase hair growth and makes hairs strong and shiny

Controls Blood Sugar Level:

Wheat germ oil helps in sugar controlling because it has magnesium which is good for diabetic patients. It helps in controlling sugar and control sugar level.

Wheat germ oil for heart:

It lower blood pressure and cholesterol because of omega 3 fatty acids are in it.

Fights against fat building:

Wheat germ oil is very good for weight control it reduces bad cholesterol .it can be part of weight loss diet plan. This oil avoids fat accumulation

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