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Friday, 4 July 2014

Faster hair growth tips with methi seeds

Faster hair growth tips with methi seeds

methi seeds for hairs
Do you know methi seeds make your hair growth faster? People are getting fenugreek Seeds benefits from years for long and shinning hairs. These seeds are used for treating hair loss naturally they regrow hairs and makes faster hair growth. You can simply use methi seeds water and takes its benefits for getting longer and thicker hairs naturally and easily. Use of methi seeds water for faster hair growth is so simple that college going girls, busy ladies and even boys can try it at home. There are many benefits of methi seeds water if you drink simple methi water daily or thrice a week it will helps to cure many problems of your routine life. 
Fenugreek seeds water helps you in avoiding premature grey hair, hair fall, dandruff, pimples, acne and cracked lips. This water removes acne marks, burning marks. If you want to loss some weight then makes it a part of you diet plan and it will help you in weight loss. Fenugreek water also have magical benefits skin it gives skin shine makes it smother and remove pimples and acne. You can make methi water with one tbsp of methi seeds.
Here is complete simple recipe of fenugreek seeds water for faster hair growth naturally.

Methi (fenugreek) water recipe

methi seeds benifits for hair


Water                                                   1 glass
Methi (fenugreek) seeds                         1 tbsp


Boil water add methi seeds and soak it for night in the morning remove methi seeds and drink this water you can drink it daily or thrice a week. Use this water regular for faster hair growth and better results.

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