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Monday, 22 June 2015

Tinda Vegetable/ Tinda Gourd Seeds Health Benefits

Tinda Vegetable/ Tinda Gourd Seeds Health Benefits

Tinda is a vegetable which is eaten and grown in Asian Countries e.g. India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Tinda vegetable health benefits Tinda has lots of health benefits and a high nutrients food. It has many properties of cucumber and squash.

Tinda looks similar to green apple its taste, texture and seeds are like squash. Its white fleshy material is used for cooking. people also cook spicy Tindas which are called Masala Bhary Tinday or Bharwan Tinday. Seeds of Tinda are safe to eat and often cooked along with flesh. Tinda seeds can also be roasted just like water melon seeds and enjoyed as snack. Juice made from fresh raw tinda is often used as detoxifying drink.

Health / Nutritional Benefits of Tinda

This vegetable stores a plentiful supply of essential nutrients and phytochemcials.
Here are some health benefits of tinda awesome vegetable for our body

  1. Tinda/tinday has antibacterial properties
  2. Tinday are good for stomach. They help in getting rid of gastric problems and constipation
  3. Helps in weight loss and source of fibers
  4. This vegetable is very good for heart. Antioxidant properties of Tinda help controlling blood pressure. Tinda leaves are also help in controlling blood pressure in “Chakwal” Village of Pakistan women mostly cook Tinda leaves and use them as a home remedy for blood pressure.
  5. Tinda prevents cancer it protects from free radicals which causes cancer.
  6. Tinda makes hair healthier and shining
  7. Tinda pulp shines skin and fair the skin complexion you may try tinda Scrub for shinning skin click here Tinda.
  8. It is good source of water and removes toxins from body
  9. Source of vitamin 6 fatty acid helps in growth of brain cells
  10. Tinda helps in getting rid of aging signs and helps in getting healthy body s
  11. Tinda seeds help in regulating balance of protein in blood serum.It helps in increasing body immunity and supports function such as nutrients transportation and clothing. It plays important role in circulatory system and its functioning.

Tinda Vegetable Common Names:

Here are some common names of tinda sabzi
Tinda scientific name is Praecitrullus fistulosus
Hindi or Urdu: Tinda or Tinday, Indian Baby pumpkin or Round melon or squash melon, Indian Round Gourd or Apple gourd   
Punjabi: Tandus or tendu Nepal: Matyangre pharsi or Tinda pharsii
Sindhi: Meha
Rajasthan: Tindsi,
Tamil: Kovaikkai

Marathi: Dhemase or Dhemsa

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