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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Charoli Seeds health benefits for Skin

Charoli Seeds health benefits for Skin

charoli health benefits
Charoli benefits
Charoli is an Indian plant having lots of health benefits for Skin and hairs. Charoli nuts has anti inflammatory properties which reduces itching, Skin blemishes, pain, rashes and other skin related problems. These Charoli seeds or nuts are full of minerals and vitamins that are favorable for skin and hair.

Other Names of Charoli or Chironji:

Charoli is also called with other names such as ‘Cuddapah almond, Saara parrupu in tamil, Chironji , and Chirolo. Punjabi,hindi and urdu it is known as Chironji.The Latin name of charoli is Buchanania lanzan. In Marathi Charoli is known as Chirauli, Chironji, Piryala, Boruda and Char, etc

Benefits of Charoli Seeds/Saara parrupu:

charoli tree health benefitsCharoli seeds has lots of medical properties and even leaves, bark, fruits, roots, kernels of the tree has various medicinal properties in treating cold, bowel disorders, premature ejaculation, fever and rheumatism. 

Chironji / Charoli Seeds health benefits for Skin:

Charoli nuts not only provide flawless clear skin but also cure many skin diseases like acne, pimples and skin marks. Charoli seeds are used as scrub. Chronji scrubs are highly beneficial for skin they are very good for reducing facial hair. After few scrub the hairs which left or grow again or come back, they will be the same color as person skin color which makes them hidden, invisible or unnoticeable.

Chiroli Face Scrub:

Take 1 tbsp of Charoli powder add 1 tsp gram flour, or corn flour and few drops of lemon juice apply this scrub on skin for 10 to 20 minutes and remove it after drying the mask. This mask is used as facial scrub to treat oily skin and facial hairs if you had dry skin use milk instead of lemon juice

Charoli seed face mask for glowing skin:

Take 2 tbsp of Charoli seeds soak them in milk for 5 hours or night  make paste after grinding it add a pinch of turmeric powder and mix and apply on skin for 15-20 minutes regularly. This will gives you white glowing and shinning skin and reduce facial hairs gradually.

Charoli or Chironji face pack for blemish and itching skin:

Take one tbsp of Charoli powder and mix it with a tsp of sandalwood powder add few drops of rose water for making paste Apply this paste on your face  for 20-30 minutes. After the mask dry out, Wipe off with moist cloth or cotton. This mask offer cooling effect to your skin.

Saara parrupu or Charoli for skin whitening and anti aging mask:

Mostly Asia people had wheatish skin and try many recipes to get white and glowing skin Charoli mask is very helpful for this purpose. This mask not only gives you fair complexion but also tightens skin and makes it smooth. Take 1 tbsp of Charoli powder add pinch of nutmeg powder and make paste with honey

Charoli or Chironji uses in Asian recipes:

Charoli seeds are also considered part of many Asian sweets like Chironji ki Barfi, piyush,Kheer, shrikhand, halwa, lamb pepper with Chironji, meaty kormas, Gajar ka Meetha, Chironji mutton Hyderabadi Haleem and Malae kofta.

Chironji or Charoli Nutrition Value and origin:

Charoli Nutrition Value
Saara parrupu benefits
The Charoli nuts or seeds are good source of various nutrients like proteins, amino acid, fiber, vitamin B, C, and B2, carbohydrates, maleic acid, cardanol, iron, linoleic acid, calcium  niacin and some water soluble extracts.Charoli is dry fruit and it has a medium-sized evergreen tree that has mostly up to 15m height. This tree is native to India and is found growing widely in Malaysia, Burma and Nepal. The dry forests of Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh, Mirzapur and Jharkhand are the natural Charoli plants growing hubs of India
It is a member of the Anacardiaceae plant family and is also known as Almondette tree. It tastes like almond. . It is an almond-shaped dry fruit, extracted from the bark of the charoli tree. Charoli oil has lots of properties .The kernels of Charoli tree contribute to about 50% of oil and are often used as a substitute for olive oil and almond. Chironji nuts are highly demanded in foreign countries especially European Countries

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