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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Health Benefits of Khurboja / Muskmelon

Health Benefits of Khurboja / Muskmelon

Muskmelon Health benefits
Muskmelon fruit has lots of health benefits for skin, diabetes, immune system, constipation, cancer, insomnia, urinary tract infections, ulcers, blood pressure, eye issues, pregnancy issues, lack of appetite, acidity and preventing the formation of kidney stones and heart decease.

Muskmelon is also known as cantaloupe, kharboza, rock melon, sweet melon, khurboza rock melon, Persian melon and khurboja. This Muskmelon in Hindi called “Kharbuja” and Muskmelon in Tamil called “Parangi pazham” ”Thalkumbalam” in Malayalam and in Kannada ”Karboja Hannu” . Besides this Muskmelon have various names such as Venna pandu, Banka bellam Kirnikaayi in telugu.

Khurboja is very common in Asian and tropical countries come in numerous varieties. This fruit cools down body heating effect in summer. This fruit has light yellow color, sometimes with a deeper salmon shades. Muskmelon comes under the melon family ‘curcurbitaceae’ along with cucumber pumpkins and gourds.. Muskmelon has lots of minerals and vitamins e.g. magnesium, sodium, potassium and vitamin A,B,C

Muskmelon for Immunity:

Muskmelon fruit is rich source of powerful antioxidant Vitamin C and boosts immunity by stimulating the white blood cells. White Blood Cells help natural defense mechanism as they prevent from infections that attack the body.

Muskmelon for Skin Issues:

Muskmelon is very good anti-ageing natural product and effectively fight against free radicals in the body that damage skin and responsible for premature ageing. Therefore, eating muskmelon can help keep pre-mature ageing. Muskmelons are food for skin issues and diseases. It treats acne and eczema and makes skin healthy. Tips or recipe for treating eczema, you must consume 1 kg muskmelon thrice a day for around 40 days. at the start, melons three kilograms melons supposed to be taken for three days. The quantity is then increased by 1 kg each day till the hunger is settle.

Khurboja for Blood Pressure:

Muskmelon is rich source of potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure and keeps heart healthy. Kharboja fruit also prevents hypertension and put a stop to sodium from harming the body. Cantaloupes or muskmelon had adenosine which is beneficial for the heart as it has blood thinning properties.
Khurboja benefits for Pregnant women:

Khurboja for Pregnant women

Khurboja for Pregnant women:

Muskmelon is amazing fruit for pregnant women as it contains folic acid which is very good for pregnant women and baby healthy. Its high content of folacin or folic acid prevents the neural tube fault that happens in the 2nd week of pregnancy. High folate or folacin content ensures the proper production of new cells and safeguard them, in during DNA and RNA. Muskmelon. It grows on the ground surface therefore use after washing them and always select big juicy and fresh fruit.

Muskmelon for eye sight:

Khurboja is rich in beta carotenes it helps in retain healthy eyesight. When we consumed, these beta carotenes get converted into Vitamin A which helps in improving eye vision.

Khurboja for Cancer:

As the fruit has Vitamin C and beta-carotene that prevents cancer
Cantaloupe Insomnia:

Cantaloupe for constipation:

Muskmelon is good for treating constipation.

Nutrition Value of Muskmelon:

Here are some nutrition benefits of khuboja

Cholesterol:      0 mg
Carbohydrate:  12 g
Protein:              1 g
Dietary Fiber:    1 g
Sodium:             23 mg
Vitamin B6:      <1 mg
Vitamin C:         57 mg
Calcium:           14 mg
Magnesium:      19 mg
Potassium:        417 mg
Carotenoids:     3,219 micrograms
Calories:           53
Fat:                    0 g
Saturated Fat:   N/A
Vitamin A:        5,276 IU
Folic Acid:         33 micrograms
Niacin:              1 mg


Always best quality khurboja fruits should be used.This fruit has high content of water is over 90 percent, you are supposed to not take any water after eating khurboja. Fruits has no side effects but some not considered good in some diseases 

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