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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Kashmiri Garlic (Snow Mountain Garlic) health benefits:

Kashmiri Garlic (Snow Mountain Garlic) health benefits

Kashmiri garlic health benefits

Kashmiri garlic health benefits

Kashmiri garlic (Snow Mountain Garlic) is commonly also known as Kashmiri lasoon/lahsun. Kashmiri Lahsun has many medicinal properties. Eating garlic daily can helps to prevent and control cholesterol in the blood vessels and it stops the hardening of arteries which causes heart attack and high Blood Pressure.

The scientific name of the garlic is Allium sativum. Kashmiri garlic grows in Himalayan mountain ranges and harvested once a year. This variety of garlic grows in Jammu and Kashmir therefore also called Jummu garlic or Indian Kashmiri Garlic. It looks like hard shelled bulbs. People can eat it by breaking the shell. Snow Mountain Garlic has many benefits for health. Eating Kashmiri lahsun raise energy levels.
Kashmiri-luhsan-snow mountain-garlic-plant

Kashmiri-luhsan-snow mountain-garlic-plant

It helps in increasing oxygenation and detoxifying the body.  People could not understand how to eat Kashmiri garlic which is very simple just break the shell of garlic buds and crush the cloves of garlic before intake.

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