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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Weight Loss diet plan With no side effects

Weight Loss diet plan 

Do you want to get slim and smart body? Here is simple diet plan for you 

For Breakfast:

1 roti without ghee or brown bread with boil egg and tea

For Lunch:

Vegetable boiled or fresh fruits or less oil cooked Steamed fish or chicken pieces with raw salad


In evening if you want to drink tea then drink green tea daily it also helps in weight loss
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For Dinner:

for a second time steamed chicken piece with boiled vegetables and roti 
 If want to eat oily food then allow yourself to have it only once a week. Generally fully stay away from oil, fats and sugar


Make good use of the near by park and run a kilometer a day try to be fast or ride a bicycle in the evening. This works particularly on your tummy and thighs and keeps your heart healthy. If you cannot run then walk as fast as you can. Running, bicycling and waking speedy are the best weight loss exercises.
Drinking  green tea daily also helps in weight loss

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